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Welcome to the page that connects you to more information about training for all SBHP tiers as well as a page upon which to register for individual trainings.

Tier One and Two trainings are offered in different geographical areas of California so behavioral health providers do not have to travel significant distances. If the current training dates and locations are not feasible, check the website later, as additional training dates and locations will be added.

You are welcome to register for any of the tiers; however, to attend Tier Three training, you must be accepted into the registry and have completed the previous tier(s), meaning to attend Tier Two, you have to have completed Tier One, and for Tier Three, you have to have completed Tier One and Tier Two. In order to facilitate your schedule, you may register for both Tiers Two and Three at the same time; however, completion of Tier Two training will be confirmed prior to your attending Tier Three training. Registrations close approximately five days prior to the training. If you are unable to register, please call (310) 825-7788. SBHP reserves the right to cancel individual registrations or trainings for administrative reasons.

Registration for all training tiers is electronic and you register for the tier of training, not individual topics within that tier.

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