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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I take Tier Three trainings without joining the registry?
    No. While SBHP supports getting providers this training, an equally important goal is to link the trained providers with the military families searching for those trained providers.
  • What if I want to take only Tier One and not Tier Two or Tier Three, can I still be listed in the registry?
    Yes. While we encourage all providers to continue with the trainings, you can take only tier one and be listed in the registry. You do this by completing the application for the registry, submitting your paperwork and then being approved for placement in the registry. You do have to be licensed and in good-standing to be listed in the registry.
  • What if I live outside of this state but want to take the classes?
    These trainings are intended for providers who work within Michigan where SBHP is provided. If you are interested in attending a course but provide services outside the state where the training is offered, please contact admin@starproviders.org. We can assist you with options that may be available to you.
  • What if I want additional programming?
    Please let us know what additional programming you are interested in attending. Tier Three training offers evidence-based trainings and courses may continue to be added to Tier Three, depending upon interest and availability. Please contact admin@starproviders.org to express interest in additional areas or look for additional resources.
  • What if our agency wants to donate space for a training session or sponsor a break?
    SBHP is always looking for donors to support this training. If you are able to offer support of any type, please contact admin@starproviders.org. We can work with you and your agency to determine a level of support that works for SBHP as well as your agency.
  • Am I guaranteed to get military clients into my practice by being listed in this registry?
    We cannot guarantee any referrals to your practice, but this registry will be used by the National Guard as they do referrals and work with their service members to locate treatment providers.
  • What makes this training better than others?
    This training offers evidence based interventions and targets military members and their families. It is being taught by the highly respected Center for Deployment Psychology. To date, there are no known state-specific registries for service members to locate specially trained providers.
  • What happens if I move my practice to another state?
    SBHP is intended for states highlighted on the SBHP entry page. If you are practicing in one of these states, we encourage you to remain in the registry and send us your updated information. If you are no longer practicing at all in any of the states, we request that you notify admin@starproviders.org immediately to have your name removed from the database.
  • I need to cancel my class registration, how do I do it?
    If you need to cancel your registration, please email admin@starproviders.org with your name, contact information, date and location of your registration. While email is the preferred contact method, you can call (989) 448-1125 and ask for a Star Behavioral Health Provider representative.
  • Does this training guarantee my competency to treat service members?
    No. This training only attests to your having received the training. It does not guarantee competency.
  • Can I register for Tier Three trainings before I am approved for the registry?
    Yes. You can register for Tier Three trainings to reserve your spot, but you cannot attend it until you have been accepted into the registry and completed Tiers One and Two. Registrations will be reviewed to ensure all those who are attending have been approved for the registry. If you have special circumstances, please email admin@starproviders.org or call (989) 448-1125 and ask for a Star Behavioral Health Provider representative.
  • My information changed, what do I need to do?
    If you have a change in information, anything from a phone number to a change in your licensure, you need to contact SBHP at admin@starproviders.org.
  • I applied to the registry but have not heard anything, what should I do?
    If you have applied to the registry two or more weeks earlier, but have not been contacted, please email admin@starproviders.org or call (989) 448-1125.
  • How do I get my name removed from the registry?
    Please contact admin@starproviders.org to request removal from the registry. If you remove yourself from the registry, you will not be able to participate in any additional training sessions.
  • Does SBHP cover the cost of treatment for service members and or their family members?
    No, SBHP does not cover the cost of behavioral health care.

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