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SBHP is very interested in hearing your stories. We want to find out about your learning experience and your use of the content taught at the trainings. If you have a story you are willing to share, please contact your star admnistrator.

While we do not want any identifying information on any individual client, we would like to know about the presenting problems your clients have, the interventions used, how the interventions may have been influenced by the training course, and the outcome for your client. The information you provide is completely anonymous. Contact admin@starproviders.org or call (989) 448-1125.

"I am decidedly an 'old dog' and I learned several new tricks! I highly recommend this training."
--SBHP Training Participant

"The training COMPLETELY dispelled many of my previous notions and misconceived ideas about 'weekend warriors'. I carried some huge prejudices and unfounded assumptions about the military that I was relieved of through yesterday's training. And, I am the daughter of a Vet!"
-- Sarah Lieber-Hale, LCSW
Auditor DMHA/OTP
Indiana Title XIX Health Services
HP Enterprise Services

"I just wanted to thank you for working so hard to increase the workforce development of mental health professionals. I found the training to be EXCELLENT and it inspired me professionally and personally. I called my brother, a 3 time deployed soldier in the Army and with just the 8 hours of training I received on the 11th, I was able to have an amazing discussion with him. I learned more about his experience than ever before and I was able to relate and understand his viewpoint so much better. Thank you!"
--SBHP Training Participant

"I was so very inspired by the training (and by the student soldier that was featured), that I came back to Indiana University-Bloomington and set up a meeting with the Student Health director."
-- Mallori L. DeSalle, MA, NCC, CPP
Community Prevention Specialist
Afternoons R.O.C.K. in Indiana
Indiana Prevention Resource Center

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