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Image 1Please note: The Star Behavioral Health Providers database exists to provide you a list of behavioral health providers who have received training about issues that are common to the military. The database does not replace your responsibility to do all you can to ensure that a behavioral health provider is a good match for you and your particular situation.

Star Behavioral Health Providers does not endorse, recommend, guarantee, or provide any type of payment to, the providers listed. The registry simply allows you to search for a provider who has received training on military topics. As the consumer, you need to find the provider who you want to work with and ask questions about his or her licensure, experience and education.

Star Behavioral Health Providers does ask for proof of licensure before entering names into the registry; however, you should verify the current status of licensure at the time you enter treatment. Star Behavioral Health Providers makes no representation, guarantee or warranty about the quality, credentials, or services provided by any of the listed providers.

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