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Training Overview

Image 3Star Behavioral Health Providers (SBHP) works to do two things: first, to train civilian behavioral health providers in military specific content and second, to create a registry through which you can then locate these trained providers.

The training content was created by the Center for Deployment Psychology (CDP) which is a Department of Defense Center of Excellence.CDPCenter for Deployment Psychology

The training program features three tiers, with each training tier building upon knowledge gained in previous tier(s). The training for each tier is conducted during face-to-face training with CDP staff or by trained and experienced behavioral health providers who are experts in working with military members and their families.

Training Tiers Overview
  • Tier One: Covers topics specific to the military, an introduction to military culture and information about deployments.
  • Tier Two: Covers the challenges and difficulties that may present and are often associated with the military. These topics include depression, sleep disturbances, substance abuse, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), suicide, couples counseling and sleep problems.
  • Tier Three: Covers clinical skills that focus on specific evidence-based treatments for issues surrounding military affiliated families.

Providers must complete Tier One training. The registry entry for each provider will list the training the provider has completed. This information is provided to help you make an informed decision about the provider you are seeing. For example, if you want a provider who has received training on substance abuse or the other topics listed under Tier Two above, then look for a provider who has completed Tier Two training. If you want a provider who has received training related to PTSD, then look for a provider who has completed this Tier Three training.

SBHP training does not guarantee competency; once you choose a provider based upon the trainings he or she has completed, you will still have to determine if the counselor you have chosen is right for you.

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